We win because of plays like that. A lot of kids want the glory, but that was the time to give it up, and I?m glad she knew that. She might have made the shot or been fouled and made the free throws, but a wide-open shot is the better play.

Kayla can guard any kid in the state and make them miserable. In the past, I've always had one or two kids who raised the level of the team by their intensity at practice and their commitment. McCarthy and Finn are as good as any kids I've had like that.

You don?t want to play into the other team?s strength, so for this game that means not trying to run with them. If you?re going to pick the five quickest players on the floor, we?d be lucky to get one.

Never, They are two fabulous guard scorers.

If we can make them play defense for 15-20 seconds every possession I think that will help. If a team that likes to run scores two or three quick baskets they get that extra spring in their step.

Obviously they are super talented kids. Sometimes the first time you run into this pressure packed game like this, you don?t play well. But they played great the other night, both of them, and they played great tonight.

You can't tell me we're better than that team or vice-versa. It's a tossup game. You have to make plays down the stretch to win a game like that and I thought we did.