Today's kind of a microcosm of the season. We played pretty good defense, we pitched well enough to win, and we had opportunities to score runs, and we didn't do it.

We've played well against good competition. Our kids were excited about this game.

I haven't seen a guy like this guy we saw then. At the most important time, he dialed it up, took it beyond anything I've seen. He has that ability.

It's kind of like Murphy's Law. Things were just going too good up until that time.

They gave us those. The errors and walks. We did get the one base hit that drove in a run, but ... there's no question we played a little bit better defense and our pitching kept us in the game.

Our pitching has been consistent from Day 1. The hitters have been inconsistent. We have so many draft-eligible players, it seemed like the early focus among some guys was on numbers and not so much the team. That's been adjusted.