Anybody who leaves the gym tonight is going to say this team played hard. Did we win the game? No. But if we play this hard, we?re going to have a much better chance. That?s what they can control.

Nineteen and 15 and she?s a junior. She was able to do most of her damage on the offensive end. She?d miss a shot, she?d tip it back, she?d put it up again or kick it out for an open look outside.

We played very hard right to the end. But again, we have to play mistake-free and tonight we made just enough.

To be honest I have a couple pitchers who don?t spend a lot of time working on their hitting. I don?t see any reason the rule has to change.

To go into the fourth quarter 37-37 against a team that is as athletic as Concord, that?s a positive for us tonight. It can?t be the ultimate satisfaction, though. Our work has to pay off with wins. They need that as a team.

Mike was in a tough, no-win situation from Day 1. He was being asked to juggle two full-time positions, knowing full well it was going to be virtually impossible to manage it all.

Obviously their size is an issue out there. They?re a veteran team that has been playing basketball together for a while now.

They?re a good team, a real good team actually. Going into the season, there might have been some questions about their depth, but they have six or seven solid, solid players.

First thing on the board is that Huffman is a 3-point shooter off the catch. She came out and had four of them tonight.