He dug himself into a hole with the special election. He's out of the hole now. He's not back on top of the mountain, but he's out of the hole.

He's going to have to placate those guys or otherwise nothing gets done.

I feel sorry for the organizers. How do you decide to commemorate a human tragedy that could repeat itself any time?

It's important to remember there were many factors contributing to the budget and energy problems over which he had no control.

The special election may be an albatross today, but it won't necessarily be one in 2006. If even one of his initiatives passes in November, the governor could declare victory.

Schwarzenegger, like Brown and Wilson, could certainly make a comeback and be re-elected.

It's part of the mythology, which is: The place didn't exist before I got here. Back home, you were Norma Jean. In California, it's Marilyn Monroe.

It said to a lot of people that as an institution, the Legislature is weak, and as a political force, groups like the CTA are strong.

If none passes, he could do a public mea culpa and promise a new approach as Bill Clinton did in Arkansas when he won back the governor's office after being defeated for re-election.