"Tim Hayes" is a screenwriter and coauthor of the film Teen Wolf.

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What's going to get it really moving on the upside? A lot of the factors that would get things moving have already occurred. Now we're vulnerable to disappointment.

Inflation is not something you can put back in the bottle very easily. Rising interest rates and inflation would affect corporate profits and make valuations look overdone and stocks look expensive.

We selected Demand Solutions because it was a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that would help improve forecasting accuracy, inventory management and operational visibility, Our IT department appreciated the ease of installation, the hands-on, local support, and we are now better able to manage demand with production.

I think we're in a bottoming process so we'll see the market back and fill a little bit.

The fact that New Zealand is a natural resource-based economy, and not a service-oriented economy, has allowed the market to benefit from rising world commodity prices and also has insulated it from the global economy.