Tim Flannery
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"Timothy Fridtjof "Tim" Flannery" is an Australian Mammalogy/mammalogist, paleontology/palaeontologist, Environmentalism/environmentalist and global warming activist. He was the Chief Commissioner of the Climate Commission, a Federal Government body providing information on climate change to the Australian public. On 23 September 2013 Flannery announced that he would join other sacked commissioners to form the independent Climate Council, that would be funded by the community.

Flannery was named Australian of the Year in 2007 and previously, until mid-2013, was a professor at Macquarie University and held the Panasonic Chair in Environmental Sustainability. He is also chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council, an international climate change awareness group. His sometimes controversial views on shutting down conventional coal fired power stations for electricity generation in the medium term are frequently cited in the media.

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It's only the tar sands that prevent the country from making its targets under Kyoto.

These awards are not single season achievement awards, but rather reward coaches for a cumulative career of accomplishments, not necessarily all of which take place on the court or field.

The golden toad was the first documented victim of global warming. We had killed it with our profligate use of coal-fired electricity and our oversize cars just as surely as if we had flattened its forest with bulldozers.

We?re headed for 5.4 degrees over the next 100 years. Adaptation will be less likely.

My mother calls him her spiritual little shepherd boy. Fans love him.

Polar bears are going to go with the ice cap. They're not going to actually last that long.