I'd like to see it become a program like Aspen's where they have a Midget Major A team as well as a high school team. It is basically the same team, but they just play different schedules.

Our depth really showed as a team.

He is one of those kids who is good because he is such a hard worker. He has a great work ethic and is just a blue-collar hockey player.

This is the best team we've had in the past three years. Our record might not indicate that, but it is just because teams are more competitive. It was our most competitive season yet. There was never a game when there was a complete blow out. The competition was very good this year.

This is great for Glenwood Springs as a whole. They will go and represent Glenwood. It's good for the boys, the club and the community.

It is the best team sport to play. It is fast and fun. It is a fast sport. It takes a high skill level. It's addicting.