I mean look at him, he's (105 pounds) soaking wet. But his heart is as big as this whole stadium. He wanted it more than anybody out here, and went and got it.

I think I need to give my halftime speech before the game.

I don't know what the red card was for. They didn't give me much of an explanation. But it put a sense of urgency in our guys that we didn't have before, and we answered the call.

He's really stepped up when he's had to. I think he frustrated them a little bit in the first half, and he only made the one or two saves in second half ... that's what he's supposed to do back there.

They just made some unwise decisions. We're down this season compared to what Central expects.

You guys can print what you want. I'd put this team up against anybody, and that's with all due respect to every other team in the state.

It makes it more fun. It's not the most important thing, but we always felt that it would take some time to regroup after winning those titles (in 2001 and 2000).

This doesn't take away from us winning the region title.

The losses hurt the team, but they are still very up. They (remain) positive.