We played with no energy today. Our kids did not want this game for whatever reason. And that's what happens when you don't come ready to play in the playoffs.

We didn't make our free throws and that's the game. The things we talked about all week (were), 'Don't turn the ball over and make your free throws.' We didn't do it, we don't go on.

I've never beaten Flaherty. I hear he's retiring at the end of the season. I hope not. He's a great person to coach against.

They played with a lot of confidence and we played very bad basketball. We just came out flat tonight and didn't make shots and looked like we never played basketball before.

We have a saying: The way you practice is the way you play. Guys who don't play much, practice is their game. Seniors can make it real difficult if they're not playing. We've been very lucky our seniors have been able to handle that.

We came into this tournament expecting to win it. We've been taking care of the ball lately. When you take care of the ball, you are going to win most of the time.

(Junior forward) Landon Cox can guard anyone (Friday his assignment was to cover Rush). Even though he had foul trouble, he played well. I feel very confident putting him up against anybody.

If we play with this effort tomorrow, we should win the championship. If we play defense like this, it will be hard to beat us.

We have a lot of weapons on the floor. We have five guys who can score.