India is a stop along the way toward visiting all those countries -- including China and Brazil which we visited earlier -- that we regard as having the potential to become the major economies of the 21st century.

When things go bad, they go bad, ... We are not very deep, and Camden County has a great program. We did not match up well. They have more speed. That is just about it.

Our findings on this trip will be an important input.

It does indeed help us to work with Congress to explain the enormity of the reform effort that needs to be undertaken here and how many of these things work together.

There is rapid development going on, ... we would like the Chinese to move even faster.

There are still some countries out there that have yet to lend their full support.

I think it's important for us to get a better sense of China overall.

What we hear and what we learn will help the shaping of this report.

I take them at their word that they are committed to doing that and we expect to see that in place over time.