"Tiffany Jackson-Jones", born April 26, 1985, is a basketball player for the Tulsa Shock in the Women's National Basketball Association/WNBA.Jackson grew up in Duncanville, Texas.

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The past two games have been a huge confidence boost. After we lost two games on the road, we had a sense of urgency because we knew the conference is going to get tougher and tougher as we go.

I'm very competitive, and I would hate for people to see that as being our last game, losing that way. All of us want to continue to play. Our seniors, we'd just hate for them to have to leave on this note.

I would like people in the community to know that we aren't just the school on the hill. We have a lot of things going here, and they're positive.

Courtney is really crafty. You may deny her. Then she pins you for the next pass. You may take away her shot but she's a great passer. It's like picking your poison with her. She's really good.

Sometimes our doorbell will ring at 1 in the morning.