"Thomas F. Reilly" is an American attorney and politician who served as the 45th Massachusetts Attorney General. He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts to Irish American/Irish Immigration to the United States/immigrant parents.

He was one of three candidates who sought the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic nomination for governor of Massachusetts in the Massachusetts gubernatorial election, 2006/2006 election. Former United States Assistant Attorney General/U.S. Assistant Attorney General Deval Patrick won the party's nomination and the general election, defeating Reilly and businessman Chris Gabrieli.

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Otis will remain an active Air National Guard facility, ... and will be eligible for future missions as determined by the Air Force.

The technology may be new but the outcome is the same. My office will continue to fight to ensure women are protected from gender-motivated threats, intimidation and harassment.

Families are being absolutely crushed by the cost of operating their cars right now, from the skyrocketing price of gas to the high cost of auto insurance, ... We've done our work, and the numbers are clear.

These are serious allegations that involve the use of a computer to threaten and intimidate these students and one of their mothers by continually subjecting them to violent and sexually explicit messages that had them in fear for their safety.