Of course I hate it, ... The changes are likely to ruin the game. They've made a scoring system that doesn't exist.

I'm very impressed with the way he's playing and he's going to get even better.

I've been feeling very good during practice but today I wasn't playing well, ... Most things need to improve, I was a little nervous. He was hitting the ball unbelievably well and I had to defend myself. I gave him some advice three days ago and was regretting that when I was on the court today.

If I had served well at the match points, I would be sitting here the winner. I had three of them on own my serve and could not convert one of them. ... It's always tough to win a match against Guillermo, because he never gives up.

This is my first final this season and my best match, ... There were several bad calls in the match, but I managed to stay cool and kept on playing.

I had three match points on my own serve and couldn't convert one of them. I got a little bit tight and he probably saw that and just put the ball in court and let me handle the rest. To come back after that is a tough thing to do. I didn't serve well at the important points. If I'd served well on the match points I'd be sitting here as a winner.

I'm so surprised. I didn't think I was going to do it, ... I'm happy to be the oldest guy in it.

Today was very tough ... The first set was so much running for both me and Cyril. He hasn't felt himself the past few days, so I think he got tired in the second.

I played my top today. I could not have played any better and I'm very satisfied with my play from the baseline.