"Thomas Horton" may refer to:

*Thomas Horton (soldier) (1603–1649), English soldier

*Thomas Horton (Gresham College) (died 1673), English theology professor and college head

*Thomas Horton, Governor of the Isle of Man 1725–1736

*Thomas R. Horton (1822–1894), American congressman

*Thomas W. Horton (born c. 1961), American airline executive

*Thomas Horton (canoeist) (born 1926), American Olympic canoer

*Tommy Horton (born 1941), English golfer

*Thomas Horton (politician) (died 1919), member of the Legislative Council (Fiji)/Legislative Council of Fiji and Mayor of Blenheim

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These will be computer related courses taught by departments in the College, not by computer science. So an example of that kind of course would be a digital music course or a certain mathematics course.

It is an industry that probably has too much capacity. It's probably too fragmented.

The business we're in is filling our airplanes, and we're going to fill as many of those seats we can.

I think the strategy of engaging labor is really the only strategy there is.

The other airlines by virtue of the bankruptcy court have reduced their labor costs below where ours is today. That represents a competitive problem.

My coming back wasn't about coming back to the industry, it was about coming back to the company.

I have a very strong belief in what Gerard is trying to do here.

Gerard is probably the most principled guy I know.

For many years students in the College have wanted to take computer science but not with the engineering focus -- they wanted to do additional majors like economics or psychology or something in the life sciences and the engineering degree didn't allow them to do both.