The last few days, I really made a huge step in my skiing. Before that, I wasn't 100 per cent ready, and that showed in my results.

I may be nearly 32 but I still feel young and motivated. I knew I had the capacity to win.

There's a big buzz over here. It started last year, and I think now it's just growing.

There's nothing like one of your teammates reaching the podium to make you believe and to make you want it even more. That's the great thing about having a deep team like we do now. If one person doesn't step up, there's another person waiting in the wings to step up. Yes, I would say the Grandi effect was for me, too.

I know I can ski a lot better than I did. At the same time, it's not a bad start to the season. And it's great for Frank. It was only a matter of time for him before it came to this.

When you arrive at the Olympics, to have that confidence is critical.

Basically, I skied sections today good enough to win, but I still made a couple of mistakes. I know that I need to be more consistent. Each race, I'm getting more confident, and I think with that comes consistency.

(It's not like) swimming, or any sport where the endurance factor is such a big deal. In a sport like skiing, you just get it one day. All of a sudden, you're skiing great, and there may not be a real explanation for that.

It's OK, I'm not satisfied, but it's OK.