I like it better like this. I'd rather be the underdogs. I'd rather people not know my name when I come out and do this stuff. Then they'll say, 'Who was that?'

We want to stop the run first and then force them into a passing game. I think that's what we did two years ago when we went up there in the rain. We stopped FSU tailback Greg Jones for 15 yards on 13 carries. That just lets you tee off on the quarterback.

They're throwing the ball away once we get there.

I do kind of take it a little bit personal because we're better than that.

This shows a lot of character, a lot of fight. We lost a tough one to Florida State and we didn't want anything to happen like last year in overtime. We came out and fought and put pressure on them.

If they want to dump the ball underneath, fine. We're doing a good job of getting them on the ground and not letting any yards after the catch.

Coaches always say, 'You better work hard because we're going to recruit better than you,' ... That's why we're a great program.

I have no problem with the way we're rushing the passer because we're getting off the field on third down.