When the kids were down, he was the one always getting everybody hyped up. He's never sitting on the sidelines being quiet. When it loses it kills him and when he wins he's just so happy.

Hopefully we'll be able to get a home playoff match to set us up where we can get a couple of wins at home and compete for the state title.

He was a little timid. He wasn't quite sure of himself. He wasn't quite sure how to use his strength.

When we found out that he got hurt, we knew it would be about 6-8 weeks at the minimum, which put us right around Christmas time. He was working 1-1½ hours a day, working out trying to get the shoulder better.

Our kids fought hard. They were able to come out on top.

He's continually growing and putting on weight. That's a battle he's going to fight with. He's not very strong for the weight class, but he's very athletic.

When he came out his 10th grade year he was a stick. He just hadn't grown into his body.