We played as hard as we could. We just missed too many easy shots and free throws.

The girls stepped up to the plate. They wanted to win because they knew it was a big one.

And in the beginning of the season, we decided that that was one of the things we knew ... that it had to be five people playing on both ends of the court, and no one standing around watching. So that's what we rededicated ourselves to ... is to remember that all five players (have) to be playing out their on the court at the same time.

No. 11 (Cobb) and No. 2 (Jones) are pretty good 3-point shooters, but our philosophy tonight was to keep the ball away from them, a lot. And that's one of the things I thought we did well.

I think what we did was slack up on a lot of it, and that's what caused the problems. So when we rededicated ourselves, we went back to doing all of the things that made us a success in the beginning.

What our trainer said is that he thinks if she sits out for a few days, she'll be good to go. I think it's more of a bruise than anything.

Actually, we worked real hard on trying to win that game, and for some reason we fell apart that night. We never could get five players playing together.

Well, we were already playing tough, but I think they played like they were capable of playing.

When we were letting the starters sit on the bench, to see what was going on on the floor ... that's just how the other part of the team feels when they're on the bench, wanting to get in. And after they saw all of that, they came alive to realize that they (would) rather be on the floor than on the bench.