[The BBC reports that the Israeli justices says the world court's ruling was] flawed as it did not consider Israel's security needs . ... continued erecting the barrier on occupied Palestinian land.

A deal to service radar-hunting Harpy drones that Israel had sold to China.

They felt it wasn't egalitarian enough.

To counter violent extremist ideologies, including steps to prevent the subversion of educational, cultural, and religious institutions by terrorists and their supporters.

Kfar Darom will not fall again.

A shared educational space for high school students (from the Arab and Jewish, secular and religious populations) to recognize the 'other,' the one who is different and to examine the ways to grapple with multiculturalism in the city.

I grew up in the Sixties, when the music was very open, ... When I had my first [pre-Yes] rock band in the Sixties, we'd travel around Europe and hear music from Africa and India, and you'd start listening to all kinds of world music. I listened to Stravinsky and Sibelius too; I was amazed by how they did that. In the Seventies that all came out in pop-rock music.

There is no way I can instruct people on resistance [against Israel]. Each [group] has its own way.

Taken within the framework of the law.