The Bravery
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"The Bravery" were an American dance-rock band formed in New York City in 2003 that consisted of lead vocalist Sam Endicott, guitarist Michael Zakarin, keyboardist John Conway, bassist Mike Hindert and drummer Anthony Burulcich.

They released three studio albums: The Bravery (album)/The Bravery (2005), The Sun and the Moon (2007) and Stir the Blood (2009). They also released a remixed edition of their second album called The Sun and the Moon Complete in 2008 and an digital music/Internet live album called Live at the Wiltern Theater in 2010. Their music was a synthesis of post-punk revival and New wave music/new wave.

The Bravery broke up in late 2011, which was not announced until April 2014, when Endicott revealed through The Bravery's website and Facebook page, that all the members are taking part in separate avenues of creative interests and that, for now, there are no plans for The Bravery in the foreseeable future.

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