I'm not going to say they would do everything they can not to put me on the team, but I knew they wanted (Sierra).

You want to get off to a good start and get going and put up good numbers out the gate, so everybody wants to have success on opening day. That's what makes it fun.

Last year, I know they didn't have a whole lot of confidence in me, regardless of what they'll say. I'm just trying to show them I can play.

I didn't really do very good at the beginning adjusting, and then the second time I got called up I adjusted a little better. Still it's a tough situation for me because I've never been in that situation because I've been used to playing every day in the Minor Leagues. My goal is to eventually get an everyday spot here.

I'd say it'd probably be a long shot. I'm realistic. They're going to give him every chance in the world. You've got a veteran guy. The last thing they want is another young guy playing the infield.

There are a couple of guys that can back up those spots. But with me having a bit more experience at the big league level, I think that could play out in my favor as well.