[Yesterday] was probably our best practice of the year. If we play like we practiced today, we're going to be in good shape all weekend. No question.

Ben is a proven pitcher who has shown he can beat anyone in the country. We're looking for him to be our number one guy and have a good season for us.

It came down to what's beneficial for the league to get the most teams in the tournament. But I don't think they envisioned a league with eight teams in the Top 25.

Offensively he's very good and defensively he's continuing to improve on a daily basis. Chad is a person who has no quit in him.

Our schedule does not give us any breaks, especially early on. We wanted it that way to get our guys ready for conference play.

Brian looks better than he ever has at the plate right now and I expect big things from him this year. He's really worked hard and improved his speed and his defense. I think he could have a big year for us.

The next three weeks we've got our work cut out for us. I don't think things look bleak. We've got to be optimistic. If we win some games, things could turn around real quick ... . Like I told the guys, we're gonna have to get hot for three weeks.