Thank goodness they were missing them. If they were making them, we'd be in a lot of trouble.

There wasn't any hollering necessarily. We told them to use this experience to get better. We hadn't played particularly poorly. We just had a letdown. Our concentration level may have gone down a bit.

We're trying to stay under the radar. What we've done so far is good. But this team has a long way to go to reach its goals. There are some tough games left. Opelika is a very good team and capable of winning the region. That's who we are concentrating on and not anything else.

They've worked for it all year long. I thought they played their hearts out, and I'm very, very proud of them.

If you want to keep winning, you better bring you're 'A' game. You throw the records out. If you are playing your cousin's sister, you better be ready. These guys are glad to get the chance to play again.

We've played well to this point, but you can't let up now. The guys remember the hurt last year and what if felt like to lose in this game. That should be some motivation for them.

This was a huge game for us, and anytime you come to Troy you have to be ready to play. That first five to six minutes, we dictated the tempo of the game and really got after it.

Our shooting was better (45 percent). In the second half, they swapped between the zone and man. They were just trying to slow us down and make us think a little bit. They did a good job. We weren't in that fast tempo like we want to play. But I give credit to my guys for adjusting.

Wow, what a game. That game didn't surprise me one bit. It was a typical Jeff Davis-Carver game.