We made a few mistakes, a few mental mistakes. We'll get those corrected and go from there. We want to be an exciting team to watch, and we'll get there.

Both teams are good. This was a good local game. It's a good rivalry.

There was unbelievable pitching by all four guys. I like to be involved in these types of games. I can't say enough about the baseball and the pitching. At some point somebody has to break in a game like this and unfortunately it was us tonight.

People don't realize it because he's small, but Cory has really been driving the ball. People may underestimate his ability. He's a strong kid.

Runs have been surprisingly hard to come by during the early season. I guess we've been coming around slowly, but we really broke out today. I hope we can keep it up at Andrew today in the SouthWest Suburban.

That was a play on both ends we probably don't make earlier in the season, but it's a play you have to make if you want to win.

Ricky can play all over and he has been hitting the ball. We always tell the kids that if they hit, we will find a spot in the lineup for them.

We have guys itching to get an opportunity, and they stepped up.

It's unfortunate that Ryan pitched like he did and came out on the losing end. Our team just made more mistakes today, a lot of mental mistakes, in both games. I still think we're a good team, but we have a lot of work to do.