You bring excitement and you bring people. If you just end up building more rooms, that's bad for Las Vegas. Once again, it will be a reason to come to Las Vegas. If it isn't, it will be a failure.

(E-casinos) should be regulated. It should be controlled and it should be taxed.

It creates more and more business.

Every time a new jurisdiction opens, I've heard that same comment, ... It's just a faulty assessment.

Mississippi is one the three states, along with Nevada and New Jersey, that understood gaming.

I've said many times, what we are seeing now is the equivalent of last century's Industrial Revolution.

I am a resident of Nevada. I vote in Nevada, so if you run for office in Nevada I'm not going to vote for you.

It's a great state to operate in, ... still in question.

People who don't see that, I think, are sticking their heads in the sand.