Terry Harris
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"Terry W. Harris" is a former water polo representative from New Zealand.

At the 1950 British Empire Games he won the silver medal as part of the men's water polo team.

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I come from Lake Charles, La., and I don't take hurricanes too lightly.

It was the same old story, we played very well and had a lot of possession but we couldn't finish. We just need one to go in off someone's bum.

Customer service people who are demoralized won't last.

That's way not enough.

I had a home at Murphy's. John Murphy told me I could work there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and not catch up.

We didn't play badly in the first half considering we had a lot of players missing, but I was disappointed with the way we lost our discipline in the last 20 minutes.

It was quite a physical game, but we thoroughly deserved to get a point from it.

Customer service people who are demoralized won't last. It's vital to get the right kind of people in the customer service position who will provide the right level of service to customers and be gratified and satisfied in their own position.

I'm staying. It'll be a very long time before I go back (to visit).