I think what happened there was the kids came out fired up. That set the tone right there. They had a really, really bad game last week and they really made up for it tonight. We had a great week of practice. When you play with emotion and intensity, that's what happens.

It's going well. We've won a few games and it makes life a little nicer.

I don't agree with the cookie-cutter mentality. It's maddening. It's sad and very frustrating.

Hopefully, something will show up.

It's early. We've still got Atlantic and Leonard, so that could change pretty quick.

I don't know what it is. Recruiting is crazy.

They work hard. This is really a good group of kids, ... They're starting to go in and have fun now.

He's mean as a snake, has a big chip on his shoulder and can fly. That's the perfect football player.

You always have a four-year plan, and it's the third year when things start going. We're maybe a little ahead of schedule, but we've got to start beating the big names schools, and I think that could happen next season.