I don't know how we pulled that one out. We have to say our prayers of thanks on that one.

I wasn't sure it would be this close. But I knew we would play hard. Auburn had the size and quickness advantage on us, but I'm proud of the way our guys played.

He played a great game. He's just really good.

He's played that position for all of one day.

We did a good job on the big guy and kept him out of the game. We fronted and backed him and hoped they didn't hit the threes. If they hit the threes, we would have had to change the strategy.

That's our two guards. That made it tough.

His energy on the court is one of the better things we have. Even though he is only a sophomore, he gives us energy on defense and to handle the ball as much as he does.

I was proud of Trent with the way he took it to the hole, even with the travel. He started to cause them a lot of trouble because of that.

I'm not sure if all that was just good defense or bad offense - but it was a definitely defensive battle. I'm proud of my boys. That's three times we've played Auburn and it's come down to the end like that.