This is an incredible race for spectators because you basically can see the athletes seven times from vantage points at Lovers Point. From there, you'll be able to watch two loops of the swim, four loops of the bike race and three loops of the run. That's one of the greatest aspects of this event.

I call on all parties to accept the verdict of the ballot box and to refrain from rhetoric which may fuel division in Ukraine.

In Indonesia we are focusing on the 'basics' of the business to improve productivity from our labor force and better utilization of existing assets.

Considering the very serious nature of the allegations, Europe's response should go beyond political statements and inquiries.

With all the kids and all the trash, it's going to be a nightmare if our trash isn't picked up.

We have a committee working on a policy [at First Presbyterian], and I am certain the outcome will allow the pastor to bless civil unions.

He was a soldier of justice, which is indispensable to our freedom, stability and peace.

However, we continue to experience difficult trading conditions and have not yet seen any material signs of improved consumer confidence.

The prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment ... is absolute and nonnegotiable, ... It is wrong to suggest that this ... has changed as a result of the recent terrorist threats. There cannot be any question of ?striking the right balance? when absolute rights are at stake.