We feel the immediate improvement will be greater numbers of African-American students this fall. The long-term impact will be better recruitment and graduation rates.

It's a great test out of the blocks, but we need to play that kind of game.

We'll obviously have our hands full in (that game) and any game being part of the league we're in.

We have enough clothes right now, but we don't know exactly what we're going to do. But, people from New Orleans are strong people. We've been through a lot, so we know how to deal with things and, hopefully, we'll be able to pull together and work as a team, and do what we have to do to in order to survive.

We had eight games last year that were decided by seven points or less, and every one of those games had a special teams play that was significant in the outcome.

I'm sure that will be an exciting day in Cedar Falls.

I'm looking to retire here. I have no intention of leaving here.

There's really no significance to it. I'm not going to move everybody down here (and then leave). I don't see anything to this.

I believe we would miss an opportunity if we did not take a real good look at why there is an absence of African-Americans.