Record wise we want to get back on track, so we know the opportunity is there to play games and do something with them. At this time of the year we're looking to play as many games as we can.

It's more aggravating than anything. Jenna doesn't like to miss a beat.

Because she sees a lot of pitches, she can communicate that with the rest of batters. She loves to play the game of softball and that has rubbed off on her teammates.

At this point, our players are very well skilled and conditioned to hit. It's all frame of mind - stepping into the batters box with a lot of confidence. We felt really good about everyone in our lineup, but we reached a point where we went flat. We know we can't do that as a team. Someone has to ignite the offense and play relaxed.

We've had some really tough battles with teams where we're matching them in every way and then have given up a home run at the wrong time. We've made it a real focus among our pitching staff to limit the long ball as far as not having runners on. You're going to have some hit off you, but you don't want to allow runners on.

We like to go into every game expecting every team to play at its best. We don't pay any attention to records.

Jenna has had some spectacular at-bats against some really good pitchers. She's letting her natural ability take over. Jenna made an extra effort on her strength and conditioning through summer and the fall.

In order to be successful this weekend, our pitchers need to throw strikes and make our opponents earn what they get. Offensively, we need to continue to produce with runners on base. As a team, we need to take the field in the frame of mind that you must win every inning and play with confidence.

Every year she has improved physically and as a softball player. This year, however, she has a noticeable desire about her that makes her a better leader, besides what she does offensively and defensively.