Ted Poe
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"Lloyd "Ted" Poe" is a Republican Party (United States)/Republican politician currently representing Texas's 2nd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. The district includes many eastern and northern Houston, Texas/Houston suburbs. He is the first Republican to ever represent the Texas 2nd.

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Music is one of the easy things to eliminate because of budget cuts, but it's important to give kids the avenue to express themselves.

People involved in fraud, waste and abuse, trading on the misfortune of others, should be severely prosecuted under the law, both state and federal.

NASA is one of those programs the American people receive benefits from.

We just want to be up front immediately.

This is going to move people quicker, faster and smarter to other parts of the city.

I've been working with the Texas Rice Growers Association to see about getting Texas rice sold to Iraq and to Cuba.

It will also move people to Crosby, Dayton, Liberty and Beaumont like it was originally designed.

The reason we're here is because of a little girl who was 9 years old and lived in Florida, ... I hope we get to the day in this country when we can quit naming bills after murdered children.

Where I come from, we don't hang anybody until the trial is over.