Companies have to knock the cover off the ball to get their stocks moving again. They have to surprise the Street by a ton.

The company has lost credibility and if they were to disappoint this quarter, it would be a serious blow to the stock and I would have to question owning it going forward.

I don't think Dell will come out and pound the table on corporate spending, ... It's as if Dell is operating in a vacuum.

A lower share count is what it is. Let's face it. Microsoft's revenue base is so large, it can't achieve the type of revenue growth that it did in the past.

Consumers are moving up the ladder and buying more sophisticated phones. Demand is still strong.

I think they need to go outside the company and bring in some fresh blood. It's time to move to a new era.

Of course I'm worried about oil prices. But sustainability is what investors are looking for. If oil were to stabilize in the low $40s and stay there, valuations could move up.

The presidential race is still tight so market will be skittish, ... Tech stocks will probably trade sideways.

Generally, tech is still healthy. People were getting irrational with expectations. Just because a company is a little light on sales or earnings doesn't mean the sector is doing badly.