"Ted Menzies "

/ honorific-suffix = Queen's Privy Council for Canada/PC, Member of the Canadian House of Commons/MP

/ image = /

/ term_start=2004

/ term_end=2013

/ predecessor= Grant Hill (politician)/Grant Hill

/ birth_date=

/ birth_place= Claresholm, Alberta

/ successor=John Barlow (Canadian politician)/John Barlow

/ death_date=

/ death_place=

/ profession= farmer

/ party=Conservative Party of Canada/Conservative

/ party colour=Conservative

/ residence=Claresholm, Alberta

/ riding=Macleod (electoral district)/Macleod

/ footnotes=

/ term_start2=

/ term_end2=

/ predecessor2=

/ successor2=

/ spouse=Sandy Menzies

/ religion=


"Ted Menzies", Queen's Privy Council for Canada/PC, House of Commons of Canada/MP (born February 18, 1952) was a Canada/Canadian politician. He represented the electoral district of Macleod (electoral district)/Macleod in the House of Commons of Canada and served as Minister of State (Canada)/Minister of State for Finance before being replaced by Kevin Sorenson. He resigned from parliament on November 6, 2013 in order to accept a position as president and CEO of CropLife International/CropLife Canada, a lobby group representing the agricultural biotechnology industry.

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Whoever the new minister is will have to find out what commitments the former minister has made and where he was at on those commitments.

One would assume that it would continue, that we wouldn't stop that because that may be our only avenue to get that money back. That would be for the new trade minister to decide.

I think you're going to see a totally different rapport with the Americans, rather than name-calling. I think it'll be a treatment of mutual respect.