This extremely difficult decision is a direct result of the competitive pressure being experienced by our domestic automotive customers and the requirements they have for us to constantly reduce our manufacturing costs.

We realize that this decision may adversely affect many employees that have been loyal to Eaton. We will therefore be providing severance, benefit continuation and outplacement services to assist them through the transition.

The Governor is the leader of the Republican Party. Out of respect for his position and his decision, I have decided to stop my campaign for the United State Senate.

Not only is he a freshman (going to state), but he's the only freshman in the entire state of Wisconsin who qualified for the 50-free in both divisions, and he's only one of two freshmen who qualified in the 100-free. That just shows you what a talent this young man really is.

After careful consideration of the circumstances and conditions as they exist surrounding the race, including the now-shortened time frame available to run an aggressive and effective campaign, I will not seek my party's nomination.

That was only four seconds off the conference record. These guys really were hungry to not only win a conference championship but to get to state.

His decision seemed to leave John Spencer, a former mayor of Yonkers, as the party's most likely challenger.

This is systemic of a larger problem. It is not a case of 'gotcha.' This is serious.