Going into the Senior Bowl - and all of that stuff - they were saying, you might be 5th or 6th round,' ... Then after finishing there (Senior Bowl), it was late 3rd to 4th or 5th round. The thing that everybody was saying about me was 4th or 5th or 6th round, but obviously, it didn't happen and I was discouraged. But you've got to make the best of the situation.

It didn't make sense to me, but the combine is set up for people not to do well, ... They make you get up five in the morning to do this, right after you do this, and this. It's not something that a lot of people end up doing well at, but if you do well at it, it's very good for you, but I was able to focus on my pro day.

It was kind of a bittersweet thing, like, `Man, I wish I hadn't messed up, but I'm glad I caught the touchdown and brought the team a little closer.' .

That was a great environment for me, ... It was good to be around a lot of quarterbacks and have a lot of balls thrown to you by different guys and it kind of worked out well for me when I went to the East-West Shrine game playing with some of those guys. It made it an easier transition.

I kind of have the same question as you.

It was nice because it got us closer to tying the game.

He looked at me like, whatever, and gave me a smile.