It was perfect skating to end a perfect career. I can't explain the emotions I feel right now.

Sometimes it looks good but you are not feeling comfortable inside. But if it looks good, it means it is good.

We are just happy to have skated clear and people seemed to like it. We are world champions, but that doesn't mean that everything is easy.

Two weeks ago there was a chance we wouldn't be here.

I'm just thrilled with everything. We did everything that we can do, we skated clean and got the gold medal.

It was the best performance of all our short programs this season.

I can't even explain the emotions because they are very, very high. It was a long, long way, and it wasn't the easiest way. I'm just thrilled with everything. We've done so well, our personal best at the Olympic Games.

There are small problems in the program, but I felt great. I don't know what will happen in the free skating, so let's just wait.

After going through all these terrible days it's nice that we're now here.