We're still excited to play aggressively. We've handled it well for the most part.

They have very quick posts, and are very active around the basket. They are capable of hurting you in a lot of different ways, whether it is under the basket or 15 feet out.

I'm excited. This is what you work all season for, to play the best teams in the nation and try to beat the best teams in the nation.

It?s always fun to go into a hostile environment and be the underdog. We?re excited about that. I think we?re excited to handle that. We?re ready to go out there and give them and battle.

Bridgeport is basically like being a home game for them. The game is going to be 6-on-5 when you include the crowd.

We didn't think that would affect us as much as it did.

A lot of people look at Georgia as a one-person team, but I came out of the game and the score didn't fluctuate. That shows a lot about that kind of team we are. I don't make this basketball team. I'm just a component, like everybody else.

It hurts a lot, especially to do it in front of all the fans who came out to support us.

We've been running all year. This should be an up-and-down game. It should be exciting.