It's nice to be appreciated. But I still feel very much like me.

We really haven't spent that much time pursuing Canada as a market, and it's unfortunate for us, because it's our home, ... But in the financial grand scheme of things, it's a small market.

We've been together for two and a half years, we worked really hard from Day One -- I mean, really hard -- so for us, it doesn't feel like it happened quickly, ... The whole record industry is so fickle and strange that I feel like I'm going with the flow. I don't know what to expect, but I hope people like it.

The lyrics are so straightforward. I can't believe people misinterpret that song. I've heard the song is conceited. Everybody has a mind that works in a different way, but I thought it was very clear.

We're very song-driven, ... Although our tastes are different, our aesthetics work. We just appreciate a good song. We're a democratic operation.

It seemed like we'd be a priority with Tommy Boy. They're small enough that we wouldn't get lost in the shuffle, but they're big enough to be a contender.