We'll run through a lot of things that we're going to do at nationals and find out if there are any glitches in the system. That way we can fine-tune. We'll have a month before the national championship and we can get everything in place before we actually run the NCAA Championship.

Megan did a phenomenal job on vault and floor and starting us off on floor. I think we were only a couple tenths ahead of Stanford going into floor. Stanford's a tough team and you really have to fight through 'til the end, so she really started us off strong on floor and they kept it going on through.

It's like springs in her legs. It's pretty amazing how high she can get up.

Those two are doing an an awesome job, especially being freshmen, and the pressures that can come with that. They're both phenomenal gymnasts, and it's kind of like a friendly competition.

She is unique in that she can bring both (performance and tumbling skills). How high she gets on her tumbling passes, you don't really see that often throughout the country, either. She can skyrocket into the air, so that brings another element to it.

With a young group, I think you really stay on top of things and you don't assume they know anything. So we've gone back to that again this year, really spelling out everything for them, making sure they know all the ropes, ins and outs of what's expected of them in practice and outside of practice.

That's quite a few routines for a freshman class.

It was nice for them to tie because they push each other every day. It was nice to see them rewarded at the top.

It means a lot as an athlete to have that opportunity to compete on your home floor at the end of the season. That's been something that we've really been working hard at getting our team ready and healthy enough for the end of the season so that we're able to finish up here in Corvallis.