It's not a confrontation between different nations, different cultures or different religions, ... We recommend dialogue between civilizations, coexistence and cooperation.

The Chinese government and people cannot accept the conclusion that the bombing was a mistake, ... The U.S. side must make a satisfactory explanation.

China has regulations that prohibit any company to go against the U.N. resolutions. So indeed, we in China have been very serious and responsible on this question, and we have a very good track record in the U.N.,

In May this year, India, in defiance of world opinion, went ahead with its nuclear tests, ... After the peace and stability in the South Asian region had been undermined, Pakistan also carried out nuclear tests.

Under these conditions, President Jiang must remain at home to handle urgent problems of flood control and emergency relief.

Anti-terrorism is a fight between justice and evil, civilization and savagery.

I would hope the U.S.-side will come to a sober-minded understanding of the serious dangers involved.

The result is that Chinese enterprises and corporations have not assisted Iraq in building the fiber-optic cable project used for air defense.

That would amount to an encroachment of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.