We were a little nervous, a little excited at first. That was the most fans who have watched us all year. We finally settled down and played well.

We needed to prove to ourselves we could beat good teams, ... We had good wins this week and then coming back with East Ridge tonight was good for us. It really helps our mental state. Our kids need confidence, which will make us stronger. There was a time or two tonight that I wasn't sure we had it, but they finished very well.

Samantha had six blocks tonight, her most of the year. They had some tough middle hitters with size and ability. That was Samantha's best game of the year. She battled them strong.

Everyone at school knew her and she was so popular. This has been real tough, a really hard week.

I gold our girl right there that Bradley had nothing to lose. It was do-or-die for them. I don't think they believed me until after the match.

She's as tough as a pine knot.

This has been a tough week for us, ... The girls have responded well. East Ridge is a big rivalry for us. Coach Neely and I are great friends, but we draw the line when we play.