In this case, the people of the United States and most of Adams County believe that we should preserve our national treasure intact and not bring in a business that is so contrary to the values of sacrifice, hard work and integrity that characterize our nation and the soldiers who fought here.

Everybody in the world knows the town of Gettysburg. A lot of children know about Abraham Lincoln. If they know about Lincoln, they know about the Gettysburg Address. Next to people's own hometown, Gettysburg is the most beloved small town in America. When people hear the words Gettysburg and casino, they have a strong visceral reaction that it doesn't fit.

I'm glad they'll be coming to Gettysburg, and I'm glad they'll be listening to the people.

It has basically taken over my life. My husband and I wake up talking about it and go to sleep talking about it and we fit our professional work around the edges.

Changing the entire identity of our town from a historic national treasure to a casino town won't come as cheap as the offer on the table before you tonight.