I was close to tears all the time. It struck me that we were the ones crying. They had no food, clothing, uniforms, or books, but they still found a way to enjoy life.

All the people at our church wanted to help so we decided to design quilted squares to make blankets that would not only keep the children warm but also remind them that they are loved by us and by God.

Communication is very, very important.

It had a dramatic impact on my children. It was wonderful to see and get to know these children and see how little they have yet they still manage to find ways to enjoy their lives. They have all come back not only wanting to do more for AIDS orphans but all people who need help.

We knew there were a lot of grandparents of these kids looking for money. So we gave them work to do.

The arks provide support to keep the kids within their villages. Otherwise a lot of these children become street children and have no one. Eventually, a lot of them end up getting AIDS and becoming part of the problem.