Susan Love
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"Susan Love" is an American surgeon, a prominent advocate of preventive breast cancer research, and author. She is regarded as one of the most respected women’s health specialists in the United States. In 2012 Love announced that she was diagnosed with leukemia and would take a leave of absence to pursue chemotherapy treatment. After a successful treatment, Love returned to work the following year.

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It's terrific. This gives us another drug that we can use to prevent breast cancer that is less risky than the only other drug we had.

[But Etheridge still had to have the lump removed. She still had to go through radiation and chemotherapy. And] you can't say 100% that you have been cured of breast cancer until you die at 95 of stroke, ... There's always the possibility of it coming back.

Breast cancer: Where we are and what lies ahead.

Why don't we just leave it in the hands of women, give them the data that we have and the date we don't have and let them make their own decision.