The goal is to eat every two to three hours. You can try six equal-sized small meals or three small meals with two or three snacks each day.

It is both a food plan and a lifetime philosophy. I want people to think like the athletes that I worked with for 25 years. They are tremendously optimistic. All they think about is what they need to do and eat to be successful. They follow a plan.

The diet is never about being perfect. If you step off the path, just get right back on again and keep following the plan, making sure you got those 'feel-good' foods each day.

It's what anti-depressants are all about. These drugs work to elevate serotonin levels or at least keep them from dropping too low. The right foods accomplish the same thing.

When blood sugar levels are up, you feel energized. When they drop, energy levels plummet. So if you eat frequently to keep your blood sugar levels steady, you'll feel more energized all day long.