There were a huge number of these vested rights cases. It was a conscious decision. It was something that we thought was a way to ease the development industry into this.

We anticipate that this will be an ongoing program, and we hope we'll be able to offer it to our PPO members in 2007.

We are worried that this trend will not allow us to fully support the Pakistan Red Crescent's ongoing relief operation to initially assist tens of thousands of families over the next four months.

I'm already so wet that if I stay, I'll end up in the emergency room.

Bush isn't even here, ... He's got a good excuse not to be here.

In a link between a multi-ethnic concept and economic prosperity.

I think it's fair to say as of Jan. 1, it's not going to make a whole lot of difference to the home-building industry and the city's bottom line. But in another year, we'll be looking at a working system that provides the funds that are required to put in the major infrastructure in these new neighborhoods.