It's interesting. Forty-one years ago the police department was involved in a conspiracy to murder these three young men. The fact that members of that same police department are now involved in putting Mr. Killen back in jail is indicative of how far this community has come.

The civil rights movement without women? Oh God no, absolutely not. Some of the most amazing successes came from the support of women. They found their strength in the larger mission, in their husbands and families and in each other. Now, as each of these women passes, we are at the end of an era.

We want participation from each of the 11 states in the original Confederacy. We invite all those committed to carrying the South out of the dark past of racial violence and conflict, away from fear and segregation and impoverishing lifestyles to share this journey with us.

I think they offer a model for the rest of us on being inclusive and honestly appraising the past.