Clearly, as a betting man, I would have to say the probability of a recession has gone up significantly.

This time around, my guess is that the lead may end up being shorter than the historic average, ... I wouldn't rule out the possibility of the stock market being an almost coincident indicator.

We knew the data collected after the attack was going to be weak, but I was a little dumbfounded by the fact that the numbers even before the attack were awfully weak, ... Even before the attack, the economy seems to have relapsed into the doldrums.

The rate cut could be temporary, but in these times of crisis, I think it's not inappropriate.

Two weeks ago traders thought there was no chance. If you had asked me Thursday, I would have said less than a 50 percent chance (of a December hike), at best I would have said a 50-50 chance. Now it looks pretty likely.

This shows manufacturing continues to get deeper into recession.

Had this report showed another plunge in confidence, then I think it would have been a sure bet to expect another cut sometime in April.

Washington will pump massive amounts of aid into the Katrina-affected areas boosting economic activities.

If this gets out of control all of Latin America could suffer. When Brazil sneezes, the rest of Latin America catches a cold.