It's really going to be about getting to know each other. Initially, it has to be off the court. The way that our team was so successful last year was that they played hard for each other. We want to create that dynamic where you know and care about one another off the court.

I guess we've given them the second-best challenge of anybody.

It feels good to be at home because it's so rare.

Carolina has a lot of great athletes. They're a very versatile team. They press extremely well. They're versatile on the offensive end. A lot of players can shoot the three ball and they hit the glass hard.

Even with Fordham and Lipscomb, we've been talking about taking it one game at a time. We've got a stretch here now that we really need to lock in to every single game with preparation. I just like the mentality of our team right now and I like the demeanor.

The best thing about them is they didn't let us go to the offensive boards. We've been first or second in the conference the whole year. We don't pride ourselves on being a great shooting. We pride ourselves in getting extra possessions, and I thought Maryland kept us from those extra possessions.

You stop a player like that if you don't have (to stop) all the other players around her. She picks her moments, she lets the game come to her and she's just very seasoned.

I think we continue to get better and better with our road play. It's almost like it's our home away from home now since we don't have very many home games, the next two again are on the road and one team we've faced before (Virginia) and one team we don't have to travel as far to face (Georgia Tech). We've been intentional in preparing for it and we're going to be our best come Sunday.